Preparations for a dinner







The First Course

At the top left in the covered dish are carrots.  The top right is a plate of  meat patties. The far end center is a platter of white chicken fricassee,  In the middle is a ham with a furniture of brandied peaches.  The closest center is a roast beef surrounded by  pickled green beans.  In the foreground on the left is a serving plate of pickled asparagus and in the foreground right is a cauliflower pudding.



The Second Course



Lighting is kept to a minimum which makes non flash photography problematic.


On the left in the covered bowl are brandied cherries. To the right of that are beetroot pancakes which are served with a sherry sauce.  The top left corner has a dish of potted cheese and the top right  is a plate of kickshaws,  i.e.  tarts filled with raspberry, strawberry, and apricot jam.  On the elevate pedestal  is a plate of  rose water wafers.  They are surround  by syllabubs.


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